Maharaja Harisingh DAV Cent. Public School
Akhnoor, Jammu & Kashmir-181201
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Fee Statement  


FEE STATEMENT FOR THE SESSION 2017-2018 (01 Apr 2017 to 31 Mar 2018)


  1. Fee will be accepted in Cheque / Demand Draft only at ‘FEE Counter’ of the school from 08:00 A.M to 12:30 P.M. (Except Saturday). On 2nd and 4th saturday it will be holiday. Permission can be given for advance monthly payment if parents so desire. Fee will be collected in the FEE office upto 25th of every month.
  2. 10% Rebate in Tuition fee only for real younger Brother/Sister.
  3. Late Fee fine @ Rs. 20 per month per child will be charged in case fee is not deposited upto 15th of the month.
S. No. Particular Amount
1 Tuition Fee  
  a) Nursery to U.K.G Rs. 600/- P.M.
  b) Ist Class Rs. 850/- P.M.
  c) IInd to Vth Class Rs. 930/- P.M.
  d) VIth to VIIIth Class Rs. 980/- P.M.
  e) IXth to Xth Class Rs. 1100/- P.M.
2 Yearly Development Charges:-  
  a) Development Fund Rs. 1200/- P.A.
3 Other Annual / Monthly Charges:-  
  a) Computer Fee (II to X Class) Rs. 160/- P.M.
  b) Smart class charges (II to X) Class Rs. 100/- P.M.
  c) Science Practical Fee (IX to X Class) Rs. 160/- P.M.
4 Examination Fee  
  a) Nursery to UKG Rs. 1000/- P.M.
  b)1st To 10th Rs. 1100/-P.A
  Electricity Charges Rs. 500/- P.A
  Annual Charges Rs. 500/- P.A
  Amalagamated Fund/Pupil's Fund Rs.1100/- P.A
  Sales Of Report Card/School Diary Etc. Rs. 300/- P.A
  Informant (Nur to X) 2017-18 Rs. 50/- P.A
  Arya Vidya Sabha/APP Sabha Rs. 200/- P.A
  Young World (V to VIII) Rs. 150/- P.A
  Cost Of Admission Form  Rs. 250/-
  DAV United Magazine Rs. 300/- P.A



Tuition Fee

Computer Fee/ Sc. Practical Fee IX & X


Annual Charges


New Admission (Including Security Rs. 1000/- refundable)


Nur to UKG


Rs. 600/- -- Rs. 600/- Rs. 4850/- Rs. 5450/- Rs. 8350/-


Rs. 850/-




Rs. 850/-


Rs. 4950/-



Rs. 5800/-



Rs. 8700/-


II to IV

Rs. 930/-

Rs. 260/-

Rs. 1190/-

Rs. 4950/-

Rs. 6140/-


Rs. 9040/-



Rs. 930/-

Rs. 260/-

Rs. 1190/-

Rs. 5100/-

Rs. 6290/-


Rs. 9190/-



Rs. 980/-

Rs. 260/-

Rs. 1240/-

Rs. 5100/-

Rs. 6340/-


Rs. 9240/-


IX to X

Rs. 1100/-

Rs. 420/-

Rs. 1520/-

Rs. 5250/-

Rs. 6770/-


Rs. 9670/-



a) Admission Fee Rs. 1100/-
b) Registration Charges Rs. 600/-
Security (Refundable) Rs. 1200/-