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Guidelines for Parents  

Guidelines for Parents:

1. The school expects cooperation of the parents to ensure that the children :

    (a)   Come to school regularly and punctually, dressed neatly and correctly.
    (b)   Bring to school their books and notebooks strictly as per the schedule for the day.
    (c)    Do their homework regularly.

2. All class assessments, assignments and project files must be maintained properly.
3. Parents or guardians are not permitted to walk into the classrooms to meet the  teachers. Parents must always wait for the teacher at the school reception.
4. Parents who come to drop their wards in the morning must not enter the school in night dresses/track suits etc. Kindly maintain decorum of the place.
5. Parents must drop their wards in school well in time. Punctuality can be taught only by example.
6. Parents must instruct the drivers engaged by them for dropping their wards not to smoke, use alcohol or any other drug while transporting children. Name, address and contact number of the driver must be submitted to the class teacher.
7. Nutritious, fresh home-cooked food must be provided to the children before coming to school, as we do not allow parents or their servants/drivers to deliver lunch during recess.
8. No money should be given to the children to make purchases on the way to school or back home. Any money found with the children will be confiscated.
9. Parents are requested to attend parent teacher meetings or meet the class teacher as and when invited in the best interest of the student.
10. No private tutor should be engaged just for the completion of H.W. Regular tuitions do not help weak students rather they become dependent on tutor.
11. Parents are requested to maintain a file of school circulars, assignments, extra study material, annual report cards, fee slips/ receipts etc of their ward. 
12. MEDICAL LEAVE : If a student is likely to be absent due to prolonged illness, the class teacher must be informed as soon as possible. In case of any infectious disease (Chickenpox, Measles, Mumps, Whooping cough, Conjuctivitis etc.) parents must report the facts to the class teacher at once and should not send the child to class till the period of quarantine is over. Leave application must be supported by medical certificate from treating doctor.
13. Parents are requested to notify the school immediately regarding any change in their address, contact no or driver etc.
14. Parents are informed that their wards will be sent home after three warnings:
    a) for arriving late
    b) for not wearing proper and neat uniform
    c) for creating indiscipline in the class/ school bus.
15. Avoid sending children to school in overstuffed van/auto.

16.  Prepare children well for tests and projects.

17. Provide leave application and medical certificates when needed.

18. Encourage their ward to avoid destructive company.

19.  Inspire the child to respect all life forms.

20.  Encourage the habit of reading good books and literature

Guidelines for Students:

1.  Students to come in proper uniform, tie, belt, ID Card and properly polished shoes, nails trimmed and hair properly cut and oiled. Girls with long hair to make plaits with black clips and rubber bands/hair bands.Colourful/fancy clips not allowed. 

2.  Casual and comfortable clothes to be worn on birthdays, preferably jeans, T-shirts and sports shoes. Formal, frilly, strappy and sleeveless dresses with short hemlines, tight fitting clothes & high heels are not allowed. Hair should also be properly combed and tied. No watches and jewellery to be worn. Students of Std VI and above to wear uniform on birthdays, casual dress is not allowed.

3. Only wafers or small biscuit packets to be distributed on birthdays. No sweets, toffees and confectionary items allowed.

4. Fruit tiffin is compulsory and regular tiffin must be according to the school menu. Two cloth napkins properly washed, ironed and labeled to be kept with tiffin.

5.  Diary must be checked and signed regularly.

6. Children to bring their stationery items/pens/pencils/craft and activity material from home.

7. No short leave/half day/gate pass allowed during working hours.

8.No student allowed to come outside classes in between periods without permission.

9. Loitering outside class during work hours unnecessarily is neither acceptable nor allowed.

10. No money to be brought to school, more than Rs 50, and no watches and precious ornaments/jewellery to be worn by children.

11. Students not allowed to bring Mobile phones, I-pads or other electronic gadgets to school.

12. Students should not indulge in destructive activities, or damage school property.



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